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Our passion is looking after you and your family

Our passion is looking after you and your family





Bring on 2018!!!

Child  Dental Benefits Schedule - We are a provider for the CDBS providing a range of preventative and general dental services for children aged between 2 to 17 years old.  Your child may be eligible for $1000 of bulk billed benefits from Medicare. Please call us to check if your child is eligible.


GAP FREE Preventative Dental Care for Children - We now provide    GAP FREE check ups and cleans for children under 18 years of age for families who have private health cover


GAP FREE Orthodontic Consultations - We now provide GAP FREE orthodontic consultations for all patients who have private health cover. The consultation comes with a 6 page detailed report


Group Specials for Sports Mouthguards -  Please call or email us for group specialis if you and your sporting team need customised mouthguards!


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Our Services

  • Preventative Care Dentistry (Check up, cleans, fluoride, xrays, fissure seals, mouthguards)
  • General Dentistry (fillings, root canal, dentures, crown/bridgework, extractions, wisdom teeth,teeth grinding, sleep apnoea)
  • Children's Dentistry (Check up, cleans, fluoride, xrays, fissure seals, fillings, mouthguards, Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule, orthodontics
  • Cosmetic Dentistry (Crown/bridge, veneers, teeth whitening)
  • Orthopaedics/Orthodontics (Orthopaedics, Orthodontics, Clear Aligner Braces)
  • Emergency Dentistry (Toothaches, broken dentures, knocked out teeth, chipped teeth, dental abscesses)


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